Frameless Glass Door - Bi-fold Shower Door.

This design is a new addition to custom shower enclosures for tubs. It folds to offer full access to the tub without the hindrance of a standard sliding shower door. It has no metal framing and is supported by the hinges with a sweep on the tub for smooth reclining when opened. Its profile is simple and elegant for any bathroom.

Unlike a traditional slider, the unique design of the Bi-Fold shower screen gives you full access to your bathtub. The frameless design means you will no longer have the hassle of cleaning metal and watching it get discolored and corroded. Because of the unique way this screen folds, it can be opened completely, even if there is not much space between the bathtub and the toilet. You no longer have to choose between the elegance of a glass enclosure and the convenience of a curtain. Now you can have easy access to your tub with the elegant look of the Bi-Fold shower screen.

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