Keeping your shower enclosures clean usually means spending time, money and hard work, scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Protective coatings help reduce that work. Coatings make surfaces easier to clean by making them more water and oil resistance. The less water and oil that sticks to the surface on the glass, the less it can deposit its contents, such as hard water stains and soap scum which can make your surfaces spotted and ugly.

Any small amount that may stick to a coated surface can easily be removed with just clean water and minimal effort.

Many of our customers realize this product can help restore, protect, and maintain surfaces because of the following benefits:

  • Less frequent cleanings
  • Substantial increase in brilliance of glass
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning because there is no need for harsh chemicals which normal cleaning requires
  • Resists deposits of calcium and sodium from hard water

Shower coatings can perform long lasting beauty with the proper maintenance and care.

If a few spots appear, they can be removed simply with cool clear water and a microfiber cloth. Wet the surface and use the cloth to rub the surface of the glass in a circular motion. You should feel the places that are “sticky” going back to being smooth again. Then rinse the surface with more clean water. You can squeegee or wipe dry. Doing this once per month will help to maintain your shower glass.

Remember you will have to clean your shower glass. Although shower coatings help reduce cleaning time it does not eliminate it.

Over time, some surfaces inherently take more abuse than others and may be exposed to abrasion or potential damage from continual use. Shower coatings help maintain the beauty much longer than untreated surfaces.

Most often if some build-up happens you may experience a decrease in water repellency. If you notice build-up consider having Glass Accents do a polish. We will come out and take a look at the extent of the job and provide an estimate to help bring your glass back to looking new.

Remember the coating is still working! It may just need to be revitalized by a more in-depth polishing.

*Product from DFI-Diamon-Fusion International

Glass under a microscope


Clear-Fusion Shower Coating

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